Welcome at SOSanimal.eu

SOSanimal.eu tries to provide support when you seek help for an animal (Injured, abandoned, mistreated ....)

We believe that there are people everywhere who care about animals, irrespective of their origin, language or religion. In practice they sometimes encounter a problem in seeking help, due to their limited or missing knowledge of the environment or the local language.

With this application we try to provide information where they can invoke help, and how the animal they have found is mentioned by the rescuers.

Our application is still under development. If you have any suggestions for improvements or expansions, we appreciate it. Feel free to send us an email.

We are not dependent on an organization or government. This application is developed by volunteers and exclusively with open source software.

Rescue centres, veterinarians or specialised animal transporters can register for free. After registering you will be able to modify and maintain your data yourself.

We also look for volunteers who want to help improve and expand the system and the translations.